Misri Special (Rock Sugar)

Catch n Pack Pakistan offers Misri Special (Rock Sugar), a traditional and natural sweetener known for its crystal-clear appearance and subtle sweet flavor. Misri is a healthier alternative to refined sugar and holds cultural significance in various traditions. It is perfect for sweetening beverages, cooking, and baking, and is also used in traditional remedies. This unrefined sugar retains some natural minerals, offering health benefits and a unique taste experience. Whether used in your daily tea or as a part of cultural rituals, Misri Special adds a touch of natural sweetness and tradition, exclusively available at Catch n Pack Pakistan.


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Misri Special (Rock Sugar) – A Sweetener with Tradition and Health Benefits, Available at Catch n Pack Pakistan

Natural and Traditional Sweetener: Misri Special, also known as Rock Sugar, is a traditional form of unrefined sugar. Available at Catch n Pack Pakistan, Misri is known for its crystal-clear appearance and unique sweet taste. It is a healthier alternative to refined sugar, often used in cultural and medicinal preparations.

Origin and Superior Quality: Misri Special, or Rock Sugar, is a traditional form of crystallized sugar that has been used for centuries in various cultures, particularly in South Asia and the Middle East. Misri is made through a meticulous process of crystallizing sugar syrup over a period, resulting in large, transparent crystals that are known for their pure and sweet flavor. The quality of Misri Special is determined by the purity of the water and sugar used, as well as the careful monitoring of the crystallization process. Our Misri Special is crafted from the finest quality sugar and treated with the utmost care to ensure that each crystal is perfect, offering a premium product that is both a treat to the palate and a versatile ingredient in culinary preparations.

Nutritional Profile Per 100g:

  • Energy: Approximately 400 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: Roughly 100 g (entirely from sugar)
  • Calcium: Estimated 1-2 mg
  • Magnesium: Around 0-1 mg

Misri Special is primarily composed of sucrose and is valued not only for its sweet taste but also for its traditional use in various cultural practices, including as a natural sweetener in beverages like tea and coffee, in medicinal remedies, and in religious ceremonies. It is also often used in culinary applications to add sweetness and texture to desserts and sweets.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Crystallized Sugar (Sucrose). Our Misri Special is all-natural, containing no additives, artificial colors, or flavors, ensuring that you enjoy the authentic sweetness and benefits of rock sugar. Misri Special can be enjoyed as a standalone treat, dissolved in hot beverages for a subtle sweetness, or used in cooking and baking to sweeten and decorate desserts. Its unique crystal form also makes it an elegant addition to gift baskets and a cherished offering during festive occasions.

Distinctive Sweet Flavor: Misri Special provides a subtly sweet flavor that is less intense than regular sugar. Its gentle sweetness makes it an ideal sweetener for teas, coffees, and various traditional beverages, enhancing the flavor without overpowering it.

Cultural Significance: Misri holds a special place in various cultural traditions. It is often used in religious ceremonies, festivals, and as a symbol of hospitality. Offering Misri to guests is a sign of welcome and affection in many cultures.

Health Benefits: Being less processed than regular sugar, Misri Special retains some of the natural minerals found in sugar cane. It is believed to have health benefits, including aiding in digestion, soothing sore throats, and providing energy.

Versatile Culinary Uses: Beyond sweetening beverages, Misri can be used in cooking and baking. It adds a unique texture and flavor to desserts, traditional sweets, and even some savory dishes.

A Natural Remedy: In traditional medicine, Misri is often combined with other ingredients to create remedies for various ailments. It’s used in Ayurveda and other holistic health practices for its perceived health benefits.

Catch n Pack Pakistan’s Quality Assurance: At Catch n Pack Pakistan, we ensure that our Misri Special is of the highest quality. We source our Rock Sugar carefully, maintaining its natural purity and sweetness.

Enjoy the traditional and natural sweetness of Misri Special (Rock Sugar) from Catch n Pack Pakistan. It’s not just a sweetener; it’s a healthier choice that connects you with tradition and offers multiple culinary and medicinal uses.


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